Let’s hone the vision of your ideal childfree life.

Based on experience from years of coaching childfree women, we’ll put you on the path toward an exciting, fulfilling life.

What You Get When You Join the Program

8 weekly one-on-one coaching sessions with me

50 minute sessions take place via phone or Zoom

Action steps & exercises to move you towards your goals each week

Unlimited access to me via email for questions and support

Comprehensive follow-up emails after each session

Private group within WNK-Club to connect with other program members

Week 1: Life Snapshot

We’ll start by getting a picture of how you’re doing in core areas of your life. This will set the foundation for our work, because in order to figure out where you’re going you have to understand where you are. This session tends to be a client favorite!

Week 2: Core Values

Our personal values are the lens through which we see the world and make decisions. They are vital to living a fulfilling life. We’ll uncover yours and refer to them throughout the following weeks.

Week 3: Self-Trust

The most important opinion on your life is your own, but it is easy to become disconnected from our own knowing. We’ll explore ways to strengthen your self-trust and tools to continue trusting yourself.

Week 4: Fears & Limiting Beliefs

Our goals are easier to attain when we proactively face and solve the thought patterns that will deter us. We will explore in-depth your current fears and limiting beliefs as well as those you might see popping up as you visualize your ideal childfree future.

Week 5: Childfree Joys

Now that we’ve examined your values, given you tools to strengthen your self-trust, and faced potential setbacks, it’s time to bask in all of the positive aspects of being childfree. What is possible for you? What lights you up about your childfree future? What are you excited about?!

Week 6: Life Story Map

Mapping your life story will help you gain an even deeper understanding of yourself and what matters to you.

Week 7: Childfree Why

Reflecting on all the sessions so far and your reasons for being childfree, you’ll create your childfree why, a vision statement for your life to ground you when the external voices get loud, and to inspire you to keep living your best life. 

Week 8: Childfree Life Plan

For our final session, map out your vision for your life with actionable steps towards your highest priority goals and fully embrace your childfree life! 

3 spots available for the month of May


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Childfree Life Vision Program Registration

8 weeks of life-changing one-on-one coaching and visioning